Wednesday, August 26, 2015

Waist Trainer Diaries; Entry One

*Note, this video was taken two months into my waist training. 
I had not 'lost an inch' from my waistline until into my third month.

Okay so when I first got my waist trainer, my fiance had to help me hook it up- and that was no easy feat! I had to exhale all of the air out of my lungs, hold my breath- and he would attempt to secure a fastener. It did not always work on the first try and I'd have to exhale everything out again and hold my breath until he struck success!

Once completely 'hooked in', I mused at my figure. Honestly it looked very strange to see myself with such a small waistline. It was like I had entered a weird dream from cirque du soleil and I was a member of the 'freakshow'!  As I walked around in the trainer, I felt like 'Lucy' in a 'I Love Lucy' scenario;  remember the one where she was covered in a head-to-toe body cast? It was so alien to wear this contraption, my walk seemed odd and stiff. I could not bend forward at all (let alone touch my toes) I would stumble backwards and forwards like a little kid learning to walk.

This first time, I attempted to sit in bed to read with it on, my body was like, "Oh hell - no!" It was unruly and uncomfortable. I thought, "Am I really gonna go through with this?" I propped myself up with a bunch of pillows, but could not get comfy... No problem, I have a 'standing desk', I thought to myself. I will just do some work in the office standing up. Then about 30 minutes into my first 'wearing', my kidneys screamed at me just how they did when I wore the belt a year earlier; read my blogpost The Corset for more on that.

It was then I knew this was nothing to play around with. I honor my body and my health. To impose such sudden restriction on my organs is a big deal, and I do not want to walk a path of vanity with this experience. There was no way I was going to ignore my body signals. I then took off the waist trainer, and boy did it feel good to breathe again! I realized my breathing was so restricted while wearing it. It felt good to take a deep breath, and then another.

I decided to get into a rhythm, knowing my body felt harmonious to wear it up to 30 minutes at a time. Every other day I would ask my fiance to help me get hooked in again and each day my body told me when my time was up at half hour increments. Then after two weeks, I was able to find a little more comfort and wore it for 45 minutes, then an hour and then two hours became my norm by the end of my first month. I felt breathing was easier, though I still could not move very well in it.

Into my second month, I was better able to breathe and was able to fasten it all by myself. My body adapted and felt harmonious with it on for between 2-3 hours at a time. Though I still could not sit down with it on. Three hours became my new goal each time I wore it. I decided to wear it every day for two weeks, up to 3 hours each time. I was pretty successful and breathing became easier...Sighhhh!

Come by for my next Waist Trainer Diaries; Entry Two where I will talk about having your cake and eating it!!! Yes, we will discuss eating and cooking with the trainer on, and the journey of beginning to exercise while wearing it too. See you then...

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