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Booty Rehab + My Outdoor Fitness Workout

Hello Beautiful Bodies,

Having moved out of the inner city (dtla to be exact), I am now surrounded by spaciousness, fresh air and desert mountains. With my recent life change- read my blog "What Does Your Body Know?", I did not exercise AT ALL for one month- I can hardly believe it myself. But sometimes life requires other areas to take center stage and rightly so. Even though it felt like everything in and on my body was sliding south, in just two weeks of dead lifts and squats I began to feel and see my body taking shape once again... and so can you. Northbound we all go!! All of this 'outdoor-ness' is quite a change from spending so much time in the gym. But I'm finding my way and am loving all this 'fresh air fitness'. It is my intention to inspire you on your path to a Superior Posterior (more on that later) and to also share with you how I keep in shape without a gym.

For starters I have a mini Trampoline, and I love to use it. It is so good for our bodies. MmmHmm

Video of me Jumping on Mini Trampoline

The following "10 Health Benefits Of Rebounding" is from this great website To read her full article on 'Rebounding', aka jumping on a trampoline, go to

Before we continue, here are some benefits of 'jumping' I love:

10 Health Benefits Of Rebounding:

1. Increases Your White Blood Cells By 3 TIMES!
After rebounding for just 5 to 10 minutes, the number of your white bloods will triple. According to Natural News, they will remain increased to that level for nearly an hour after rebounding. An increase in white blood cells enhances your immune system, which is great for not only preventing/recovering from illness, but also for those with autoimmune conditions.

2. Stimulates Your Lymphatic System + Increases Circulation
The Increased G-Force Created From Bouncing On A Trampoline Stimulates The Lymphatic System And Boosts Circulation Throughout Your Body. Increasing The Activity Of Lymphocytes Improves The Immune System And Aids In Detoxifying.

3. Aids In Releasing Toxins
It Cleanses Your Lymphatic System Which Helps Remove Toxins From The Body.

4. Increases Energy
This gentle exercise increases circulation of oxygen to cells, which aids in boosting energy. Just after a few minutes of bouncing on the trampoline, I feel a burst of energy.

5. Improves Digestion
According to Young and Raw, using a trampoline can help with digestion because the contraction and relaxation of muscles helps clean out the digestive tract.

6. Helps With Varicose Veins
Another one of the great health benefits of rebounding is that it helps reduce and prevent varicose veins. Since rebounding increases circulation and blood flow, it helps reduce the inflammation and pain with varicose veins. When I was looking for more information on how it helps with varicose veins, I found many commenting on their experience with it helping prominent veins.

7. Aids In Weight Loss
Rebounding is a great form of gentle exercise that promotes weight loss. I love that it is easy to do and fun!

8. Beneficial For Preventing Cancer
According to Linda Brooks, author of A Simple Approach to Cancer, rebounding aids in reducing tumors that are cancerous due to increasing the immune system and the cleansing of the lymphatic system.

9. Build Bone Mass
It can increase bone density and help you maintain bone mass even as you get older. Additionally, starting it as a daily routine, can help prevent osteoporosis.

10. Improves Cellulite

Bouncing on a trampoline can reduce the appearance of cellulite as it involves increases circulation of lymphocytes, which aids in breaking down the cellulite. According to Dr. Mercola, the exercise causes vibrations resulting in the contraction of muscles, which pushes lymphatic fluid out of areas of the body where cellulite forms ( such as outer thighs). One study found that this type of exercise reduced cellulite in participants by 26%.

I will be writing a blogpost on the miracle of releasing cellulite. What does it take to release cellulite? I hear you ask....  Mentally; It takes forgetting what you think you know about your body. Physically; It takes eating right (most of the time) along with booty popping exercises included in my video below.Body brushing and the use of specific essential oils with hand massage help too- so keep tuning in and I will share my secrets with you!Okay, back to my non-gym work out. I have taken up a once weekly ritual of walking / 'mini-jogging' up a half mile hill. It is a half mile uphill, and a half mile downhill. I walk up and down the first round (1 Mile) and then do my 'mini-jogging' up the hill on the second round, and walk down the second half. That's two miles total baby!!.. And a big feat for me. I break a sweat and get into a new dimension of breathing, which- as a Yogi, I love! I will build up to three miles as the New Year progresses.

I am not a fan of 'running', well... once in a while you might find me on a treadmill, though it has never been a favorite pastime. All of this said- here, out in nature with so much fresh air- I kinda can't say no to at least 'mini-jogging' a little. What is 'mini-joggin'? It's like trotting lightly with mini-bouncy-steps. It's the kind of 'running' I can do- and that my knees and hips agree with, at least a half-mile at a time.  My fiancĂ© asks me to run with him all the time. I usually say no thank you, or get some odd injury by trying to do too much too soon. P.s. I'm asking Santa for a pair of old school roller skates. That way I can work my legs by my fiancĂ©'s side, as he runs. There is a nice long path close by we will have to explore.

As I began working out again, I realized my cardio had been non-existent. I rarely became breathless when working out (awful for a fitness teacher). Old injuries kept me from doing too much 'crazy' in dance classes, so I opted out (except for teaching Bellydane). I would get breathless after the cardio-dance-aerobics at the beginning of BodySculpt class ... and remember a many a times breathing deeply at the end of class, drenched in sweat! BTW- "Holla".. to all my Beautiful BodySculpt students.. May the upcoming video be of serious service to your backside!"... Yes, so very little cardio for me in general. Mini-jogging up this half mile hill is where I begin to get my breathlessness ON! 
P.s. Make sure to wear proper shoes for your happiest and healthiest 'mini-jogging' experience, especially if you have knee or foot issues.

Okay, so I jump the trampoline three times a week for 12-20 minutes, after a little stretch, onto the funnest of all- Booty Rehab time! I started just doing these reps of 25 x 2 sets of Dead Lifts and 25 x 2 sets Squats, 50 total each. That's all my body could handle after not working out for a month. I slowly added back step lunges and side skaters (which I will share soon in my Booty Rehab series), and then worked up to 75 reps and then 100... but for now I introduce to you- a mini workout that will 'take away time' as far as your posterior goes. 

*I introduced Dead Lifts in BodySculpt class a handful of times, but due to the high number of students and ages ranging from 18- 78. Some students would complain about their lower back hurting or knees. This said : PLEASE LISTEN TO YOUR BODY and NEVER do anything that does not feel right for it. Period.

-You are accessing the muscles on the back of your legs with dead lifts. This includes the hamstrings, glutes, and lower back (your booty bump). Focus on using your 'backside' to lift the weight. Avoid using your upper body or using your quadriceps to lift.
-Never use heavy weights unless you know what your doing. You will end up using your strongest muscle groups to do the work and miss the posterior all together- or injure yourself.
-Start with two five pound weights, or a body bar of ten/twelve or fifteen pounds total. In this video I am using only ten pounds total on my lifting bar.
-Breathe in through your nose as you lower & out through your mouth as you rise up
-Keep your core engaged; lower belly muscle activation
-Beginners; bend your knees as much as you need to as you fold forward. Only fold forward as far as feels safe. You will eventually straighten the legs more, but never to locked knees.
-The point is to access your posterior and use those muscles in a superior way. Remember, avoid using your upper body or quadriceps to do the work.
-Feet: Stay with bodyweight in the heels and out of the toes!
Okay here's my first Booty Rehab Workout Video. Try it once, then maybe again, then maybe do it twice in a row- that's 100 squats & 100 dead lifts! These two are our classic booty lifting miracle workers. Enjoy! 

Booty Rehab Workout Video Dead Lifts & Squats

If by any chance your body simply does not like these movements, I have included a basic brazilian buttlift workout done on hands and knees, below. You can always add ankle weights (start with 1 pound on each ankle for beginners, or those who are new to working out).

Exercise Video Build Your Booty Shelf

Thank you for reading. Thank you for working out with me.
Visit my website. Lets connect on social media <3.

Until we meet again.. Keep loving your Beautiful Body...
Love & Peace,

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