Friday, August 7, 2015

Waist Training- Why?

Why am I waist training?... I never once thought about having a smaller waistline, in fact I never thought about it, because I didn't really think it was possible. As I have learned to love and accept myself, a new conversation has birthed between me and my bones, muscles, organs and skin.

I always thought I would be stuck in a body I hated and that it would never really change. I have learned my body is a living, breathing, malleable organism that is ever shedding and growing anew. I understand now, more than ever- that my body's health, energy and physique are direct reflections of my thoughts, feelings and affirmations... not only about IT, but about everything I think and feel about life and the universe as a whole.

I strive to experience peace, joy and simplicity. I am done with the inner fight and ‘self sabotaging’ self-hate. As my life heals, my body heals. Old molds of who I thought I was drop away and my body hungers to explore new and exciting dimensions of self. As the divine feminine is allowed to dance and play through my body, I want to dance, decorate and celebrate my form. I call it lovin' on my body.

Let it be known the love always begins on the inside and change is not sought because what abides is unloved and must change. Change is born through complete acceptance and love in the now. That love draws me to explore- like a scientist, like an artist- the abilities of my body, and this is one way I am loving to experiment! Stay tuned.... 

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