Saturday, April 19, 2014

Love the Skin you're In!

Taking time to care for your body may cause happiness, grounding, beauty, youthfulness, and high self esteem.

In this post I look forward to sharing a video blog with you! I will talk about loose skin and the ways I have helped myself to heal and reclaim the body I live in- and how you can too.

Below are my favorite products to use in my weekly 'I Love my Beautiful Body' routine!

Products For Skin Tightening

For way too long I hated my body. I gained and lost weight so many times, I had literally lost touch with it. And I mean TOUCH. I stopped acknowledging my arms, legs, torso, my butt... every bit of myself. I hid under baggy clothing while the true me screamed to be revealed and released. I denied it the proper time and attention needed to cultivate a healthy physical state of being; including exercise, rest, healthy eating and self care in the form of grooming and touching my skin with love and appreciation. I treated my body like something I didn't want to deal with- until the past year. 

What is your relationship like with your body?
Do you talk to it lovingly, or do you shame it with negative self talk?

Are you content with your body? Do you have a good relationship with it? Or are you in an awkward phase of being in your body? Weather you are loosing weight, gaining it, changing your life style habits or working on healing some deep emotional issues, getting into a regular routine of 'Loving the Skin you're In' can do wonders for your healing path (mind, body & spirit).

P.s This pic is taken after my tenth 'Super' Callanetics class. I am simply following along with the video. * Start with the regular 'Callanetics' video and work up to 'Super Callanetics'. Omg- No heavy weight training anymore! Loving the long, lean, tone look that is shining through. 
Such a great workout to tighten, lift and tone. <3 Tuesday

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