Sunday, September 21, 2014

'Tummy Hugs'- A Mini Workout Video

Hello Friends!
I am stoked to announce the release of my book  Confessions of a Spiritual Apprentice. If weight gain & loss, abuse, bullying, insecurity, finding your voice, self healing, adventure, world travel, spirituality and empowerment are of interest to you- pop over and give my book a whirl... You can read the first several pages for free! It embodies my personal story of triumph against the odds. The Amazon reviews are raw and powerful- check it out today! - *Standby for the pre-holiday sale of my book for Kindle, which can be read on Android and IPhones.

On another note, I am taking a moment before compiling the final part (4) of the Divine Feminine blog Series, so I can bring you this lil exercise video below titled 'Tummy Hugs'.

As we work towards loving and embracing ourselves and bodies more, we may find certain areas require more finessing and focused attention. Wether that finessing or focused attention be specifically targeted to 'working' the physical body, or through our mental lenses of cultivating more self-love... All of it takes work. I spent the better part of my life 'hating on' my body, and my body reflected  all those negatory vibrations. While I've had several flights of up-liftment, and expanded feelings of self-love- I have always come crashing back down to depression and self hate, up until the past two years. Something has finally shifted, like, for real. Now, even if I get down and depressed, I no longer feel the need to over-eat to stuff my feelings down, as I had before. All of this said, Learning to 'love on' our bodies instead of 'hating on' our bodies is a big step. But big steps can be taken in a bunch of smaller steps!

It is such a balance, to 'be in the body' and 'love on' the body without being too identified by it, or letting it be the cause of your happy or unhappiness. Having some issues around this come up? Check out my post  You Are Not You're Body

Though I do a good job at hiding it, I have some serious loose skin that has sent me on an adventure of trying out all sorts of crazy processes to see if tightening would ensue. While I attempt to find natural ways to ensure my skin will bounce back after gaining and loosing  weight so many times, plus aging (yes your skin and body requires a lil more creativity to keep it glowin as you age!)  I must say that dry brushing, using Aztec body clay and castor oil (palma christi) and or shea butter have brought new life to cellulite ridden, dull lifeless skin. Check out  my post plus video entitled Love the Skin You're in. I look forward to writing a blog on cellulite too- so check back in for that one...

Im 42 years old now- and for years, my sliding scale of weight gain and loss was between 30-60 lbs on average. What? Oh Yeah, its true- and it may be for you too. I have done some drastic fasting for spiritual pursuits, that I now see have really eaten away my bodies natural elastin that generally allows skin to have that 'bounce back'. Three years in a row I did drastic fasting, and YES, I lost weight super quick- I mean a lot of weight... but then I always gained it back, but at the same time, I wore out my skins' ability to tighten and snap back again. Now this really sucks, because you are finally shaping the body you have always known is within you, and you are practicing loving on your self so deeply- and what do you get?? All this loose skin?? Ughhh.. I will write in greater depth about fasting later. But for now, know that any quick diet and super quick weight loss programs have their down side. Please progress with conscious caution if that is your current path. Going slow and steady is the name of the game- for long term shape-shifting and solid health. 

If you are interested in joining me for  a more spiritual and metaphysical kind of outlook, Check out my blog entitled Confessions of a Spiritual Apprentice (same name as my newly published book!) And if you are interested in reading about some of my 'fasting' adventures, check out Shaman's Fast -Part 1 and join me as I endure a very long fast and the spiritual realms I encounter.  

Okay, nough said! Here is a mini workout that I recently started doing to tighten and tone areas where elastin is lacking. It's pretty amazing too, because I put together some footage from a year ago along with footage of now... I can really see where my physical body has shifted in comparison to a year ago.. I know my recipe has been a nice mixture of self loving thoughts and affirmations of relaxing into how my body is, or 'was' back then, without needing to change everything constantly, or immediately (my booty/tummy/legs etc).  A regular mix of Body Sculpt classes, Yoga, Callenetics, targeted extra mini workouts have helped to create a shape I am beginning to love more and more. I can't forget to mention the importance of upping my protein intake too. My fav after workout shake is RAWFUSION. Proper protein intake really does help you build a stronger and more toned body. 

 Beautiful thoughts build a beautiful body too... In the past, a bunch of negatory thoughts would pile up inside of me, and cause me to get emo and down on myself, and that would make me over-eat and then I would feel bad about myself and the whole cycle would begin again. You can lift out of that if you are ready for change. Maybe even by taking one baby step today.   Yes, enjoy more loving thoughts about your body, wether you want to shape shift your body or not. Oh, and by the way- I am super excited to share my fav core workouts with you very soon. If you want more, check out My YouTube Channel.. I have a mixture of Spiritual and Physical Fitness vids for you there. If you Subscribe, you get to see my vids first before I blog about them :)

Okay see you on the flip side!
Love and Light,


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