Saturday, October 11, 2014

Comparison is a Confidence Killer

The best way to deplete Self Confidence is to compare our selves to others.

Feeling confident is a choice. 
Self Love equals confidence. 
What patterns destroy your confidence?

When we are aligned in love, we love ourselves just as we are, and float on that wave of confidence.

When you reside in Self Love, you allow others to be in their power too, so there are no power struggles, no comparisons- only the neutral quality of love.

When you are in the space of love, nothing can touch you. 
Start with Self Love as the baseline. It can be one of the hardest places to begin. But comparing ourselves to others is the death of self confidence. There will be no room for YOU left inside the domain of yourself, if you continually fill the space of your mind with thoughts of others. That eventually triggers your emotions to believe what you see in your mind is the truth, when in fact its not. There is no comparing you to anyone else.

Work through patterns that destroy self love.
We've all been maked by the past, we all have pain. It is work to continually heal ourselves, to choose the high road, to change the energy consciously. It is work and you can do the work.

Even the 'the most attractive person' will find someone in the crowd to compare themselves to.  I strongly believe that comparing ourselves to others is what causes anxiety, depression, fear and insecurity.

You look at someone who seems to have it all together... the looks, the talent, the ability... You don't know their story- or where their 'stretch marks' are hidden. We show our best face forward. What it looks like on the outside is not always what it looks like on the inside... Listening to NPR recently I heard a Doctor speak about a study that claimed 50 million people in America were diagnosed with Anxiety this year. 

Anxiety stems from over thinking... And mostly thinking of imagined scenarios in your head. If you are suffering over imagined scenarios, and not aligning with the present moment.. you will be certainly pulled out of your personal power and the natural stream of self confidence that resides when you relax into the authentic self you truly are, free of comparison and free to let yourself be. If this is the power of the mind, what could be experience if it was switched?... If we used the same energy to cultivate self love and self acceptance?

When I come out of being depressed, I realize the loops of comparison I had been drowning in. Today I woke up thinking about how much happier I'd be- if I stopped comparing myself to others. I mean, just how much of our personal power becomes drained due to giving confidence away to others through the time we spend thinking about how much more beautiful/talented/powerful they are in comparison to ourselves?

The mind can be the cause of our sorrow.
"I'm not good enough, smart enough, pretty enough, sexy enough, thin enough, talented enough..." The list goes on. These negatory thoughts do little to pump up our self confidence, in effect, we are giving our confidence away to strangers on TV, in Magazines, or to people we don't even know in public places, or worse yet, those we do know in our circles. 

Thinking that we know what others are thinking about us is another confidence killer. Here we are thinking too much about ourselves. It blocks the real essence of any kind of natural exchange between yourself and another, or your environment. Get out of your head and into your power.

 If we do not consciously navigate the thread of self comparison, it can lead us to feeling unworthy, anxiety ridden and down right depressed. 

So how long are you gonna rent out space to all those comparing thoughts?

Be strong and be true to you.

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