Saturday, July 13, 2013

Ready for Change, Part 1- 'The Work'- Putting Pen to Paper.

"What are your results? see the patterns that don't serve. be disciplined and get control of your mind. love yourself and don't beat yourself up."- Psalm Isadora

-'Word', Sister.-


You can choose it- and cause it to choose you back. You must be deliberate when consciously creating change and do it on Purpose. There is no mistake or accident that has caused the changes you are experiencing, no. You are creating every step of the way. 

You may ask: When do I take that next step to create change in my life?
Let me propose YOU ALREADY KNOW! If you've been beaten down by negative experiences and they are still fresh- and you are still crying, and mourning for yourself, then maybe it's too soon. On the other hand, if you have been crying and mourning for years and find yourself emotionally drained- chances are, IT'S TIME to change the recording playing on your internal 'drive'. After all, the internal recordings (the words; affirmations and thoughts we entertain create the roadmap for our lives to follow. It's not always easy to turn the tide, but it is damn empowering once you begin. 

FEAR is a tricky 'teacher'. It befriends us when we are down and lost and lonely and feeling worthless. Yes, it can be quite a nice rest-place upon the journey of life. It can be a safe place to idle until we remember we are warriors, and resume our most powerful strengths.

Change can happen when we let go of the past.

It can be challenging to keep a positive mind set on a daily basis, especially if past traumatic experiences haunt you and influence the way you live your life now. Only when you are truly ready to change from deep within, and let go, can change do it's work; and that ischange stuff.

I'm gonna say this three times, with a slight variation each round.- Work with me! Read it out loud and see if it clicks.

The present moment is where life is happening. Not the past, or future - but Now.
The quality of awareness I give to what I think has the potential to keep me bound to the past, or liberate me into the ever-expanding Now. 

The present moment is where life is happening. Not the past, or future - but Now.
The quality of awareness I give to my body has the potential to keep me bound to the past, or liberate me into the ever-expanding Now.

The present moment is where life is happening. Not the past, or future - but Now.
The quality of awareness I give to my emotional triggers and patterns, has the potential to keep me bound to the past, or liberate me into the ever-expanding Now. 

If you are not experiencing the results you want in life, change the way you do things. Change the way you talk about things, and change the way you think about things. 

For example; Every time you see, or think about the ex-boyfriend or ex-girlfriend that mistreated you- feelings of shame, betrayal and hurt arise. This affects you in the Now. You feel you can no longer trust anyone, especially not a romantic partner. You know you want to be free of those emotional responses. You are stronger and ready to explore how to be a master of your time and space. Make it so by speaking and thinking it into being. Your thoughts and words will build a bridge whereby you can cross into a new feeling reality. You can begin to feel your positive, love filled words and thoughts as truth, after all- isn't that how it/life happens? You think and say things and they come true.  Feeling is the holder of the now. 

Take Charge of Your Vision- Create the List

Change the way you do things. 
List five simple things you can do to create more positivity and love in your life. 
For example; Saying Thank You more often, like when you get a coffee , or when someone pays you a compliment.

Change the way you talk about things
List the things you talk about and how you can do so in a more positive manner.
If part of your 'inner work' is talking about being hurt in the past, add a positive twist to it. 
For example; "Even though 'Ricky' hurt me in the past, I love myself and allow my past to be healed. I let go of being hurt by it.

Change the way you think about things. 
List the top five 'negative', or limiting thoughts you have about your self or life. 'Flip the script' and write your thoughts in a changed manner. Transform them into positives.
For example; "Women/Men won't be attracted to me because I drive a beat up car." Changes to  "The women/men I attract into my life, like me genuinely- for who I am , not because of the car I drive."    

Ask; What emotional responses do I want to change and let go of?
List five things you are ready to let go of. Next write a 'flip the script' sentence for each. 
For example-" I let go of crying every time I see my ex-boyfriend. I no longer cry when I see my ex-boyfriend." "I let go of feeling betrayed by my ex-boyfriend. I trust in love."

Get your journal- Write out the following questions and answer them honestly, with as much or as little description as you like.

Lets put a spin on the opening quote to this blog post. 

"What are your results?" Ask

Am I happy with my experience of life?
Is life a true reflection of what I want mine to be like? 
Am I getting the results I expect? 

"See the patterns that don't serve."

Do I entertain patterns of limited thinking that have been the same for years?
Do I wish to change the way I respond to life mentally, physically and emotionally?

"Be disciplined and get control of your mind."

You are a warrior. 
Be disciplined like one. 
Have integrity in how you speak over your life. Your words control your mind and co-create your life.

Do my words and thoughts uplift me, and surround me in positivity?

Do my words and thoughts build bridges that can lead me to feeling empowered and happy? 
Do the words I speak keep me bound to past hurt, or cause emotional imbalance?
Am I ready to Do something about it?

Master your mind by getting control of your mind. Have integrity in how you speak over your life. Be a warrior and pay attention to what you give your attention to- in word and thought

My mind affects the emotional state of my being.- True or false for you?

My emotional state drives how I react to life overall. True or false for you?

"Love yourself and don't beat yourself up."

Love is a most potent medicine. As we open our hearts to love and self love, we may get bruised or fall into 'past' habits, patterns or reactions- or simply feel resistance. It's okay, don't beat yourself up over it. Be gentle. Lighten up- take a breath or three.

Daily Work-
Don't be hard on yourself
Don't blame yourself for what has happened in the past
Notice how you keep past hurts alive by talking about them, and flip the script in word and thought.
You are different now, you have gotten over it- you are a survivor, let yourself raise up in victory! 
Speak positivity and change into your life. You want it- let it be so, Now!

I am not a certified nutritionist, doctor or therapist. Please consult your healthcare professional before participating in any
 lifestyle changes you may feel are questionable to your health. 
I am not responsible for any action you resume.
© Tuesday May Thomas 2013

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