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Ready For Change - Part 2; Doing 'the Work' with Affirmations

My last post entitled Ready for Change, Part 1- 'The Work'- Putting Pen to Paper went pretty deep. If you are willing to do this kind of 'work', you will find out a lot about yourself. It's like a form of meditation. Only once our attention is focused do we begin to sense and tap into a broader expanse of our environment. We can begin to see that there are possibilities outside of what things seemingly 'look' like to us at this time.

I know it takes time to sit, and write, and feel out your deepest truths, that is why it is called 'the work'. It can be easy to spend time watching the t.v, or talking on the phone, or feeling sad for yourself... but consider spending a portion of your time devoted to self improvement, self love and self empowerment, with exercises such as in the previous post. You are not doing this work for anyone else but yourself. It is personal and private. Consider discovering your feelings and growth as very sacred steps along your path to greater SELF- LOVE.

Lets review this statement from last weeks post: 

"If you are not experiencing the results you want in life, change the way you do things. Change the way you talk about thingsand change the way you think about things." 

The "Take Charge of Your Vision- Create the List" exercises are a helpful way to navigate creating the change you wish to be and see in your life.

A student this week said she was finally shaping up in her body and was feeling good about herself physically, but inside, her emotional state was a mess and her outer life didn't match her deepest wishes and hopes. Affirmations help to bridge the gaps between body, mind and emotions so we can feel the inside better capable of matching the outside and vice versa.

I have found regular use of Affirmations to be a deeply powerful means to re-wire my mind and mouth from speaking and thinking in negatives, to thinking and speaking in positives! I like to use index cards for my affirmations and put them up all over the house, especially in front of my bathroom mirror- try it.

An Affirmation is a statement or thought pattern we habitually say or think over and over. We may find ourselves stuck in the Affirmations of "There is no hope.", "I am doomed.", "I always fail.", " Why bother, my life sucks anyway." Know that your words and thoughts create your reality and truth. What you speak into and think into your life becomes real. How do we know? Well, look around yourself. Do your thoughts and speech match your reality? What are your usual thoughts, are they reflected back to you in your environment and through those that surround you? 

I know, it may seem a bit foolish to 'think' positive thoughts and 'speak' positively when your life feels like it is a mess and you feel like a mess too. But believe me- if you can allow yourself to do the work consistently, the work, works! Just give a try.. and I mean REALLY MUSTER UP YOUR SINCEREST INTENTION TO CREATE POSITIVE CHANGE IN YOUR LIFE, AND BE READY TO RECOGNIZE AND RECEIVE IT. Mmmmmhmmmmm. Can I get a 'Whooo Whoooo'
from the back row!! 

When doing this kind of 'work'- you become the nutty professor, the alchemist and a master of your time and space. Once you realize your thoughts and words are running the show of life, you will truly want to re-write the things you normally think and speak into the world about yourself. I will say, it takes work. The 'old you' that is used to the old ways you used to think or speak may not wish to give up the old ways of thinking. Thats ok, its a process, be gentle, kind and loving with your self, always. <3. Its like learning a new language, it may take time before the new, powerful words and thoughts you are now entertaining can actually take root and become automatic.

After doing the exercises in last weeks post, I came up with some very meaningful affirmations for myself. I would like to share a few with you.

(1) Change the way you do things. 
List five simple things you can do to create more positivity and love in your life.
Sometimes I feel impatient, and forget about the blessings in my life. I use affirmations to help myself remember the basic foundation I intend my life to expand from.
Here is one of my affirmations from this exercise:

(2) Change the way you talk about things
List the things you talk about and how you can do so in a more positive manner.
I am always complaining to my body, and to my boyfriend about my loose skin. After countless bouts of gaining and loosing weight, I find it harder to tighten up trouble areas and often get down on my body for not 'looking' a certain way. After doing the above written exercise, I decided I would no longer speak of my loose or sagging skin, and I would do my best not to focus on it in my thoughts either.
Instead I am affirming via mind and speech, the body I intend to have! It feels great speaking it into the world, I can tell my body feels more supported than before too. It's like it has been waiting for me to be nice to it, so it can start to change. As long as I held it in the reality of looking loose skinned and sagging- thats all I saw. I swear, in just a week I am beginning to see a different body shine through- it is magic. Change your mind and change your circumstances, for real! Your body is alive and hears everything you say and think, and reacts to is accordingly. 

(3) Change the way you think about things. 
List the top five 'negative', or limiting thoughts you have about your self or life. 'Flip the script' and write your thoughts in a changed manner. Transform them into positives.
Omg- I was in a little car accident earlier this year. My spine got out of whack and I experienced a lot of pain for what felt like- forever. I had to totally stop exercising and slowly build up my work-outs again. I am finally able to do things I just could not do for several months... Yet I still hear myself speak of 'my spine being out of alignment', or of my 'weak back' to friends etc. Not anymore- Nope, I am choosing to speak strength and well-being over my body and empower it to be its best NOW!

You are a warrior. 
Be disciplined like one. 
Have integrity in how you speak over your life. 
Your words control your mind and co-create your life.

Next week we will get into working out and later I plan to share some yummy veggie recipes with you too! You are asking for tummy, butt, inner thigh exercises, so that is where we will continue next time. Until then, visit my website and check out my music and books- and Keep loving your Beautiful Body. Be gentle with yourself along the path of transformation.
Much Love and Light. <3

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 lifestyle changes you may feel are questionable to your health. 
I am not responsible for any action you resume.
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