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Do You like your monthly visitor? How I love and hate my period.

I Love my period because it's the time of the month when I give myself a free ticket, the green light to eat whatever I want (generally speaking) for 3-4 days while I soothe my bloated, aching belly. I don't get cramps all the time, but boy when I do- its outrageous! With regular exercise, self loving thoughts and speech, plus daily healthy eating, it's the one time of the month I let myself eat donuts, cheetos, fries, pancakes and/or pasta etc. Now don't get me wrong, I allow myself to splurge now and then, (when not on my monthly cycle) or share a desert with my boyfriend if we are out on a date and such. But ohhhh nooo- I ain't sharing when I'm on my period! lol

After five months together, my boyfriend is used to my 'period munchies' and is already planning what he wants to eat for my next months visit!! This month he made us baked Mac n' Cheese with Panko and vegan bacon on top- say what??!! And Magical pancakes filled with walnuts and chocolate chips.. I know, you wish my boyfriend would cook for you too on your period. Yep, I got it good! Now with saying all that, when I get my period I slow down my work out, eat heartily and generally gain a couple of pounds. Now this is a 'truth' I wish to change, I mean why do I have to gain weight when my period comes? Is it the exemption of exercise for up to 5 days, is it the eating of several foods I would not generally eat, is it water weight gain from all the salt in the foods I eat at that time? - The answer is yes, yes, yes, yes and yes.

Omg- okay, so this is why I hate my period (well, I don't really hate anything- but for dramatics sake- work with me..) I always gain so many 'bloating inches' and with hearty eating, and no exercise for a spell- my waistline can at times dramatically change in appearance. It's a great time for baggy shirts and loose blouses. In fact I have a certain secret couple of items in my closet just for that time of the month, cuz I ain't wearing super tight skinny jeans when my flow is flowing- unless they are super stretchy skinny jeans! Okay so I made that video you saw called the 'Waist Widdler, around two weeks ago'. Waist Widdler Video-!blogs/c1k2m. I was at the top of my game, feeling svelte and sporty. The lighting was good and I had fun. Then about four days later I got my period and after a couple of days in- I felt like I didn't even relate to the girl I saw in the vid. My tummy had bloated what felt like a million miles out, and all I wanted to do was eat and chill- forget about working out! 3 days onto my cycle and I stepped on the scales- I had gained 3.5 pounds ughhhh.. And it all went to my stomach! Self hate started to inch in, I blamed me for being fat and disliked my body for how it looked at that time. I looked in the mirror and all I could see was a huge bulging belly. How can this be?- I thought. Just last week I was workin' it, feeling strong and positive about my body image.

Now on a flip note- a pal encouraged me to do sit ups during my period. Truth is, I have tried it out here and there with my monthly cycle, and it has felt good to do that, though I have not by any means gotten into a rhythm of doing sit ups during my cycle, but maybe you would like to try it. 

Okay- Lemme ask you- is this a common experience for you? If so, then lets slow down. One thing to realize is the body is human and changing all the time, both inside and out. The body changes when you drink wine, coffee, consume sugar, cry, laugh, lay on the couch, go to your fav Yoga or Bodysculpt class ;0, become ill or get healthy. The body has such an amazing ability to shift and change and morph into so many parallel versions of itself. Look at pictures of yourself over time- isn't it amazing; how many You's there are over time and space? Ultimately, the version of ourselves we see now is the one we are working with, or have decided to be with, but that can change too- if you want it to.

For example, remember last weeks post entitled 'Body Basics'? We talked about Conscious Posture. Look how my body changes instantly by initiating conscious posture! In the blink of an eye, I have a different body- and body image of myself... I certainly feel more confident when I sit up tall and feel my tummy rolls even out!! How about you? Try it!
Non- Conscious Posture
Conscious Posture
So if I can consider the dance my body is always doing, and understand my once a month indulgence 'period' and love myself through it- then I can master being me. And you can Master being you too.  I have the gift of a generally slow burning metabolism, and missing out on working out for five days really can slow me down, especially with all my heavier eating at the same time. It can cause rapid weight gain. But the silver lining is I can just as easily get back to my steady weight, and so can you.  So, the moral is, love yourself and relax into your period. Let it literally be a 'period'., a time to stop , slow down, be nice and gentle with yourself and do something for yourself you may not have time to do any other time (like eat cake!). Relax, journal, meditate, pray, forgive, reflect, release the past, paint, and get creative too.

Do you believe it is true we have a gift in our period? Is it the shedding of inner lining- that allows us to release the old and create space for the new? I just realized some guys read this blog too- and well, I say if you have a girlfriend, then you will eventually have a period too (metaphorically speaking)! - You may not have to buy maxi pads for yourself, but you may begin to understand the ebb and flow of emotions that can occur in your sweetie. It may also allow you time to reflect, relax- and get in touch with your emotional self too.

Next time you are hating on yourself for feeling bloated or indulging during your cycle, just remember you are beautiful no matter what. Do your best to love yourself when you feel on the up and up as well as when you feel down. I had to do my best to remember all that hard work at the gym has not gone to waste, just because my body fluctuates once a month for a little bit. Maybe you can ease up and be forgiving with your body too. Let it expand and contract and is finds its harmony and balance in the world we live in.

In coming posts I will talk about harmonizing energy in the face of darkness, depression and past hurts we have experienced. I will offer tools on how to master your time and space, no matter where you are.
Your job is to love your beautiful body here and now. Once that begins to become more and more real for you, it will reflect back to you in other areas of life. Be a Warrior, be a Bad-Ass ( in that cool kind of way!) and LOVE, LOVE, LOVE yourself more each day. Find something, no matter how small to love about yourself, like the color of your nail polish, or the color of your hair, your kindness etc- and tell yourself in the mirror how much you love your beautiful self. With so much love xoxo Tuesday May

I am not a certified nutritionist, doctor or therapist. Please consult your healthcare professional before participating in any
 lifestyle changes you may feel are questionable to your health. 
I am not responsible for any action you resume.
© Tuesday May Thomas 2013

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