Saturday, June 15, 2013

Multi Dimensional Body

I grew up in Dublin, Ireland and sang on stage as a back up vocalist in a ten-piece Funk band called ‘The Way It Is’. I remember getting dressed up for the gigs we performed. In memory, I realize I was only focused on one dimension of my body- the front. I never paid any attention to the mirror's reflection of myself from behind, I mean- once the front looked fine, I ignored the rest.. Or maybe I just forgot ( or wanted to forget)  my backside existed. I was focusing on ONE DIMENSION, or one angle of my body image- The Front.

You know when you get a new haircut and maybe you like how it looks from the front angle, but you feel you could use a snip here or there on the sides? Well this is exactly what I mean. How often do you only look at one dimension, angle, or ‘one view’ of yourself in the mirror? You are multidimensional.. and beautiful, I will add!

Here at I Love my Beautiful Body Blog, we learn to love every part of ourselves- every angle and dimension- every nook and cranny... no matter how much loathing or negativity we have put ‘there’ in the past. It is time to embrace the whole self; Front, back and sides...... within and without. Om

Okay so Back to my backside!! As I went through trials and tribulations of weight gain and loss (read my first post to catch up with us on this ) – I totally ignored my legs and especially my butt. I wore long skirts or jeans all the time. Even when I was slimmer, I still wore pants, leggings or long skirts. I never wanted to show off, or simply reveal my personally perceived ‘awful legs and ass’. A couple years ago I accidentally caught a glimpse of my naked butt in the mirror, believe me- I was doing anything but trying to look back there.. and I couldn’t fathom what I saw. My butt was flat and had lowered so far down to the ground, it looked like it had melted and slid down the back of my legs. This in turn made my legs look way shorter than they are, because they were mostly composed of a ‘downward sliding butt’.

Okay all jokes aside- we as humans have the gift of receiving a lottery of genetics from our family members. Myself and my sister have the same mom and different fathers. She lucked out and got the cute perky butt of her fathers’ side of the family, while I got the ‘wide and flat butt’ look from the females in my family. Ughhhh. Okay , it just means I have more to work with, right?.... Oh yeah- a lot more to work with! I am now learning to love my booty, but it has not been an easy path to be able to look in the mirror at my backside and say ‘I love you’ to all I see there. Though, I have learned to be grateful that I have a butt, along with thick juicy legs my boyfriend can really sink his teeth into! On the other hand, if you feel like you have no butt- you can grow one! My butt was sooooo flat, I thought I could never build up enough muscle in my glutes to lift the mass that was weighing me down. I so wished for a lifted, tight and round booty. It was about six months ago a trainer at the gym where I work asked if we could do a trade. Could I ‘yoga him’, in exchange for  him personally training  me.. What? My booty wishes were coming true! 

Twice a week we exchanged our gifts. It was damn hard- I had to fight so much resistance and negative self talk. My butt was filled with so much self-hate it would constantly question my authority, saying “What the fxxx do you think you are doing? You will never get anywhere with all of this.. You might as well sit your fat ass down.. ” I had no car and would hustle through early morning bus rides during the cold of winter to get to the gym. My butt felt like ‘Rocky’ every time I finished a training session (picture Sly Stalone, or your butt climbing up the stairs to the Rocky theme music- while punching at the air). With discipline and the wonderful help of my trainer, I found my booty baseline. I have not reached my booty peak yet, but I am on my way- and you can be too. I am gonna share with you everything Matt (my trainer) taught me, and more!

 Today we will practice a simple booty at rest/booty at work exercise for you to chew on until the next video post. Do not be discouraged-When I first started working my butt, I was so disconnected from it that I couldn’t even tell if I was flexing a butt muscle or not. Now I’m working my way to ‘twerking’ lol! Twerking is a term used to describe a certain type of butt dance you can do with your cheeky cheeks, along to the beats of a song. It is very popular within hip-hop dance circles. I will post some cheeky-twerking soon- when I do my beautiful body streetwise post- I promise..

Beautiful Body Video Supplement 1

Ok so for today- watch the video and work your booty baseline. Check it out from every angle, not just one view or dimension and see just how juicy and beautiful your body and booty truly is. Give your butt and body some positive self talk and let it know you are all going to be embarking on a journey together, where no one will return the same as before. 

Just for today tell your body:
1) It is ok to change
3) It is ok to be beautiful

I am not a certified nutritionist, doctor or therapist. Please consult your healthcare professional before participating in any
 lifestyle changes you may feel are questionable to your health. 
I am not responsible for any action you resume.
© Tuesday May Thomas 2013

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