Friday, June 7, 2013

Feeling Beautiful is Being Beautiful

So I’m making out with my new boyfriend. We’ve been dating for two weeks and it’s the first time we are getting intimate under the sheets. As his hand lifts the blanket and glides over my hip, I work ‘my angles’ so any unwanted flab does not droop where it’s not supposed to be. “What’s going to happen when my super-padded bra comes off and he realizes my ‘C’ cups are really ‘B’s? As we get deeper into our sexy-time together and the sheets slide to the ground, I pray he does not turn on any bright lights like my last boyfriend always did. My silent prayer ignites: “May perfect lighting bless my body here, now, and ever more! 

He pauses to express an interest in my (up until now) hidden tattoos. I am thankful for their appeal, as they distract him from nearby stretch marks. “Why can’t I just enjoy this pleasurable experience without living in a fear based state of possible body-rejection by my new beau?

You may find journaling with this Blog to be helpful, as you can observe the ebb and flow of your thoughts, feelings, and life-changes as you love your beautiful body more and more over time. Journalists, look for (Journal Date + Q & A) to write questions and answers as we go. Otherwise simply soak in the offerings! <3

Ask Yourself  (Journal Date + Q & A)
-Am I friends with my body?
-Do I speak and think positively about my body?
-Can I enjoy a sexual/intimate experience unabashedly, without concern over the appearance of my physical body?

No matter what your answers are, if you are willing to redefine the day-to-day relationship you have with your body into a more positive one, this Blog is for you. At ‘I Love my Beautiful Body’ Blog, we learn to love our bodies no matter what weight, shape, size or state of health we find our bodies to be in.  

While this is not a science class, you will be encouraged to do homework and experiment with your personal body ‘thoughts’, ‘actions’ and ‘affirmations’ over the course of these posts. You will also be urged to consider your day-to-day thoughts as being intimately connected to how your body looks and feels to you.

Ask Yourself  *(Journal Date + Q & A)
How do I FEEL about my body right now?
If I was to make three statements about my body, what would they be?
How do those statements make me feel?

How you feel about your body is key to feeling beautiful from the inside out.
What you say and think about your body contains the potency to shift how you feel about your body.
What you say and think about your body has the ability to ‘physically’ change your body, and grow you a new one. We will discuss this theory more in upcoming posts.

For example: I wake up, look in the mirror and decide the cellulite on my legs is utterly disgusting. I spend the day beating my body up by focusing on the imperfections I perceive. I feel miserable about myself as the day progresses and this leads me to highlighting even more things about myself I don’t like. Do you see the ‘snowball effect’ in action here?

Q: Would spending the day thinking pessimistic thoughts about your body make it hard for you 
to feel beautiful?

A: You bet it would.

Now on the other hand; If I wake up, look in the mirror and see some ‘imperfections’, but know I am working on improving them and accepting them, I would have a chance to spend time acknowledging the parts of my body I liked, or those I could come to like. (baby steps work, they really do.) Such as the curve of my hip, the softness of my skin, or how my eyes light up when I smile.

‘Positive Body Talk and Thought’ can be a full time job if you constantly bombard and distract yourself with negative thoughts about your body throughout the day. The challenge is to rewrite the often *unconscious script we have about our selves, from the inside out.

*When we do things in an unconscious manner, we are doing them out of habit, without really paying attention to what we are doing.

Homework Experiment  *(Journal Date + Q & A)
Over the course of the next week, wake up every morning and look in the mirror completely naked if possible. (1) Notice what you usually don’t like about your body. Next comes the ‘work’! (2) Flip the script about those parts you don’t like, and find something you like. For Example: (a) Even though you don’t like the cellulite on your legs, you can flip the script by focusing on the shapely curve of your legs, or your strong calves. Or, (b) Even though the Doctor’s report is depressing, you can decide your body is capable of healing itself, completely. (3) And finally, state out loud and into the reflection of yourself in the mirror, the positive affirmations you find in your Beautiful Body. Find one to three things about your body to appreciate each day for a week.

Here are the above as examples: I like the shapely curve of my legs. My body is capable of healing itself completely.

For accelerated healing and positive change, recite your three (or more) affirmations silently or aloud each time you pass a mirror throughout your day-to-day experiment.

End your mirror affirmations with this statement:
“I Love My Beautiful Body!”

Next week we will workout together with videos focusing on a tighter, lifted buttocks. I look forward to sharing suggestions for everyday fitness and tips to raise your metabolism in a safe and nutritious way.

I am not a certified nutritionist, doctor or therapist. Please consult your healthcare professional before participating in any
 lifestyle changes you may feel are questionable to your health. 
I am not responsible for any action you resume.
© Tuesday May Thomas 2013

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