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Body Basics 1- Good Breath & Conscious Posture

Body Basics 1- Good Breath & Conscious Posture

I remember spending time with a pal while she got ready for a fabulous night out with a new guy she had started seeing. She asked if I would keep her company while she picked out what to wear and got ready. I kicked back and read magazines in the living room while she popped in and out of the loo (I grew up in Ireland, & still call the bathroom the loo sometimes!)- giving me updates about this new mystery man. In her words “ He’s a lot older than me. I have never dated an older man before...” Followed later by; “Okay I have totally exfoliated and shaved every nook and cranny- I am as soft as a baby’s butt.” We chatted while she applied her make up and did her hair. "Should I wear it up, or down?" She would ask. "Should I wear this dress, or this dress?" She enquired. The dress she chose was perfect- not too sexy, giving everything away-but just ‘hot’ enough for a second date.

All seemed perfect. She looked great and was ready for her big night out. When we left the apartment she locked her door and hugged me goodbye. She next leaned in close and said; “Thanks for your help.” It was then I found myself in a dilemma extraordinaire.... She had bad breath. Now... I know my pal, she doesn’t have the best track record for daily brushing. And I never really thought twice about it til now.

Had she simply forgotten to brush in the flurry and excitement of getting ready? Did she brush this morning before work? Or had she brushed and just forgotten to floss a piece of steak out of a molar? I paused, knowing that to be a good friend, and a real ‘sister’, I had to politely tell her that something was askew. But how do I do that? She was already running late. I had no breath mints to pass out and give her a hint. Bottom line- before she reached the exit of this building, she has to go back upstairs and brush- and as a friend, I’m here to tell her that.. somehow.

It took a second or two, but I got the courage up to carefully broach the subject by saying “You look so good and I wish you so much fun tonight with your new guy- but... to make the picture perfect, I think you gotta brush again.” She stopped in her tracks, wide eyed and looked at me in shock. Oh no, had I said too much, or said it the wrong way? She truly did look picture perfect, and I didn’t want to assume she had not brushed... “OMG!”. She said- “Thank you so much. I totally forgot to brush my teeth!” She exclaimed. She sent a text to her guy saying she would be another five minutes late and we parted ways on a positive note, with one more hug. Now that’s a friend, right?

On one hand, I’m sharing this story for all of us. Boys and girls included. The moral being ‘brush-up’ before going out, especially on a date.. no matter if it’s your 50th date or your 5th, trust me it will make a world of difference when it comes to getting intimate.

On the other hand, the second moral is; We can’t let each other walk around with ‘spinach tooth’, or a fly down (brothers and sometimes sisters!), or a button undone a little too far down the cleavage line when its obvious that is not the intention for the occasion; for example at a Bat Mitzvah, or christening etc. Be a good friend, or even a good stranger. I recall a very nice boy in school enlightening me to the fact I had a ream of toilet paper stuck to the bottom of my shoe. I didn’t know him as a ‘friend’, but I tell you, I considered him my pal after that!

Ok next onto conscious Body Posture. So, do you want to boost your self-esteem from the inside out? Go stand in front of the trusty mirror. And please make sure you are not using one of the circus mirrors, I have gone through a few of these before realizing I had to change it up. Some $5 wall mirrors easily warp over time, or even worse, are warped to begin with. This can make it difficult to feel good about your appearance, no matter how much ‘work’ you do on yourself- physically, mentally and emotionally.

On the other hand, a ‘skinny’ mirror may take it too far in the other direction, and upon seeing a true reflection of yourself, say in the movie theatre restroom, you are shocked to see you are not a 6foot super model with long arms and mile long legs! Haha- okay you get the drift. I had a tough time for ages with my last mirror-no matter what I did, my torso seemed way too long and my legs appeared way too short! After getting the input of some friends- who were shocked by the mirror I was using, I came to the conclusion I needed a new mirror. For a couple bucks more, I can truly see myself- not too short, not too tall, but just as I am!

Okay, once you feel a true reflection is gazing back at you, Step One: Tell yourself three times- “It is ok to change. It is ok to be beautiful. It is ok to change. It is ok to be beautiful. It is ok to change. It is ok to be beautiful.” While you do this, observe your body posture and notice if it changes at all while you speak. As you observe your posture, notice if you would like it to shift, as to reflect the more confident person you are deep within. If you are happy with your posture walk away now- otherwise keep on reading.

Stand up straight and roll your shoulders back. Lift your upper chest just slightly, and lift your lower ribs from your waistline in a comfortable fashion. Now don’t forget to breathe! Pull your lower belly in, even if it’s just a bit, and imagine a thread gently lifting the top of your head towards the sky. Now I’m not saying you have to stand like with a stiff back and ‘salute’... But by employing this mini tummy tuck and lengthening of the spine, you will ‘visually’ loose five pounds, and grow a little taller.... All while gently working your lower belly and improving your posture. Good posture is attractive, no? Do you think good posture commands respect and shows the world you are confident, and loving your Beautiful Body? (I think so!)

Maintaining good posture is about taking care of our skeletal system via its main highway- the spine! When the energy of your body is flowing in a balanced manner, and posture is improved, this aids your digestive-tract, the circulation of blood flow, and the respiratory system. Lets face it- when you poop better, or more regularly, and when you are not ‘struggling’ for the use of your hands and feet due to loss of circulation, and when you can breathe deeper and easier- your quality of life has just improved overall!  You deserve the best life can offer, why not gift yourself a few blessings and try on better posture as a day to day practice. Do this in conjunction with your booty baseline work (you saw this in last weeks post, if not- see video link below) and grow yourself a new body from the inside out.

Grow A New Booty- 
Beautiful Body Video Supplement 1

Summer is here! Next week we will talk about sun bathing, products for tanning, or not tanning. Plus I will post a new video (or three), sharing some of my fav at home mini workouts.

Daily Mantra-
It is ok to change. It is ok to be beautiful. 
It is ok to change. It is ok to be beautiful. 
I love my beautiful body.

I am not a certified nutritionist, doctor or therapist. Please consult your healthcare professional before participating in any
 lifestyle changes you may feel are questionable to your health. 
I am not responsible for any action you resume.
© Tuesday May Thomas 2013

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  1. Thanks. Lots to learn here. I'll be sure to brush and stand up straight before my next date.