Saturday, February 15, 2014

Why Juice?

You've heard a lot about juicing, and everyone is doing it- or are they?......Some people swear by it, and others think its a fad, or too expensive ..... So Why juice?

The more 'green' in your system equals your body's ability to generate greater amounts of oxygen in your blood. More oxygen in your system means better sleep, more energy, better health, less stress and a growing youthful glow! 
Veggies I love to juice!
Rainbow chard, celery, carrots, 1 apple, ginger, parsley and cilantro.
This makes enough for two glasses.

Chlorophyll; 'the green' in your greens, is bursting with benefits!  It increases the ability of red blood cells to carry oxygen throughout the body. It has an anti-carcinogenic effect (which means it helps the body keep cancer causing properties to a 'low'), it works as an antioxidant- helping the body to release and cleanse itself of heavy toxins and metals. Chlorophyll is available from many vegetables especially in the form of RAW green leafy vegetables. Read this link to dive in deeper! Chlorophyll: Get More Blood Building Foods Into Your Diet

The skin and pulp of your fruits and veggies contain fiber and nutrients. Some fancy expensive juicers will blend everything- including seeds into the juice you drink, while low end ones will leave more nutrients behind. But it doesn't mean you have to leave it behind. These juicing left overs are great in soups. For example; mix your left over 'pulp' in with a low sodium veggie bouillon, or ready made can of healthy soup. You can add it to your quinoa, or other low carb side (such as rice or pasta- but you know I'm not a big fan of those two. See my blogpost 'What to eat when working out. Scroll down to the 'STOP WITH THE WHITE FOOD section! Make sure you add the pulp during the last few minutes of cooking, to keep as much nutrients alive as possible. You can also use it raw by mashing it into your guacamole or adding to your hummus for an extra value of nutrients.

* Instead of 'juicing' your lemon or limes, squeeze half into the juice you juice. Watch for seeds!

Consider not drinking juice from the supermarket anymore- unless it is fresh squeezed, fresh juiced, or cold pressed. If your like- "But Tuesday, I can't live without my morning glass of oj!" - At least educate yourself on how much sugar is in what you buy before putting it into your body. Sure, sugar is a great treat! haha- But pick your 'treats' wisely. Too much sugar in your system can cause overeating, poor memory, learning disorders, energy highs and lows, mental disorders and..... depression. Besides, after all the hard work you are doing to create balance in your mind and body, why not pay attention to the amount of sugar in the foods you may usually take for granted as being healthy. Check out this amazing link:Links between sugar and mental health

Organic, or not organic?

This is such a hot topic. My advise.... Do your own research and follow what feels right for you. I have been through stages of buying only organic EVERYTHING, to buying none because I could not afford it (although some would say, 'you can't afford not to.') And now I am in the middle zone whereby I have educated myself enough to know what veggies or fruits are heavily sprayed with pesticides and what are not- and buy what I need, according to my budget. For instance, many berries including my favorites; strawberries and blueberries are the most heavily sprayed, along with celery and leafy greens such as that lettuce in our salad. How can we receive any nutrients from what we put inside of us, if our body's are having to expend so much of its vital energy in breaking down the harmful chemicals sprayed on our foods?

*On another note, I truly believe you can raise the energy, or change the 'field' of energy around and within foods you will eat by speaking a blessing of gratitude over them, praying over them, or imagining them to be healthy and glowing with vital energy. At times when I could not afford organic, I placed my hands over the foods I would juice and say thank you to the greens and veggies I would soon drink. I imagined them alive and bursting with all the good nutrients I could imagine. You can too.

For added 'universal energy power', I sit my juice in the sun for a few minutes and place quartz crystals on either side of it. I believe this super charges the juice I will consume with extra potency. (Look at all of that rainbow energy glowing around it!)  I also like to say a blessing over my juice such as; " Thank you for the life giving properties you imbue into my beautiful body. I am ever youthful, healthy, and glowing with radiant energy!"

All in all, if you have never had a FRESH JUICE before, I say go for it! Treat yourself, and see how you feel. Be your own scientist. Can you sense all the lovely lively organisms brining you vital energy and good health? Once you start, you may not want to stop!

Best Blessings of Health to Your Beautiful Body-
Tuesday May Thomas

I am not a certified nutritionist, doctor or therapist. 
Please consult your healthcare professional before participating in any
 lifestyle changes you may feel are questionable to your health. 
I am not responsible for any action you resume, You are- Make it pleasurable.

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