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Paradigm Shift- Holding onto Healthy Patterns

paradigm |ˈparəˌdīm|nouna typical example or pattern of something; a model 
shift | sh ift
     - change the emphasisdirectionor focus of

    Holding onto Healthy Patterns
    You are in a flow of working-out regularly and making changes in your daily diet.. You feel better than ever! You expand your reserves of energy and have more of it. You are exercising not only your body, but more will-power with the choices you make. Your body happily glows a healthy shine from being regularly oxygenated, nourished, rested and hydrated. Your waistline synches-in and perhaps you begin to feel better about how you feel in your body and clothes. Things have changed. You are changing via the changes you are making in your life. You have created a new pattern to live by. Welcome to the paradigm shift. 'Usual patterns' that include the way you used to do things has changed. And you are changing as a product of it. You love the way you feel, you love the way you look!!.......

    And then... dun dun dunnnn!!- You spend the Holiday with your family or a certain click of friends, and all of your healthy habits that require so much of your thoughtful energy and power to sustain- end up going out the window- but they don't have to.

    Family & Friends
    Often this is where habits begin. Maybe you come from a family tradition/family paradigm that includes eating a lot when you are all together. Your family keeps telling you to eat and fills your plate with food. You have worked so hard to grow your new body, but just can't help to do as in Rome when around them. 

    Or it could be a certain circle of friends you spend time with. You have given up smoking, but when you see them- you end up smoking with them again. You know what I mean-there are many guises to how this works; it could be drinking, talking negatively, gossiping- or doing drugs you swore you'd not do again. I'm not talking about having fun in good company, and having a couple more glasses of wine- or treating yourself to an extra slice of pie on Thanksgiving. No, what I'm talking about is the fine line of holding space for your new paradigm (the new set of patterns you are embedding into your body and mind- that help you to feel good and empowered) while in the midst of the old ones that still exist, like when around family or a certain click of friends.

    Around  two years ago I had finished a very long fast. See posts from my blog Confessions of a Spiritual Apprentice:  Shaman's Fast- Part One & Shaman's Fast- Part Two . When visiting my family around the Holidays, they all insisted I eat more to make up for it and would say- "Go on and eat, you've lost so much weight..." Now, I didn't fast to loose weight, I fasted to release addiction to certain paradigms in my life. I fasted to help me break through old destructive patterns. The fasting lead to a huge paradigm shift in my life. My will became stronger, my emotional fortitude and mental clarity had enlisted an abundance of positive patterning that includes a new awareness of what self love means. It means not gorging on food until I feel disgusted with myself. It means not drinking senselessly, especially when in bad know what I mean- right? Okay- I'm gonna take it you do. It even meant letting go of some 'friends' that don't emit the same sensibilities that match the paradigm I have shifted into.

    Though I had lost weight when fasting, my focus when re-entering life outside of the fast was more about making conscious choices, than fitting into a skinny pair of jeans. It was hard for my family to acclimate and shift into the new paradigm I was living. It was as if I was speaking a different language.They had to adjust so they could relate to the new me. It was the first time I experienced a true Paradigm Shift. I was able to say 'no thank you', when faced with tempting possibilities. 

    What I'm saying is you can do this! Once I actually realized I could in fact Love my body and maybe even feel Beautiful in it- it took several years of making conscious changes mind & body- especially in the face of temptation. Over and over I spiraled- and then two years ago all of the positive work I had done really clicked in. It clicked into my consciousness; my mind- but also every cell in my body! Feeling good about myself, and truly desiring to sustain healthy change in my mind and body have become my motivations. Slipping back into old destructive patterns, has less and less room for possibility. The more I exercise choices that match the new paradigm where I feel greater self love, the easier it is to stay there. You can do it too! Give yourself permission to make healthy choices, no matter who or what surrounds you. It may even mean excusing yourself from certain company- and that is ok.

    Involve your Family this Holiday Season 
    Instead of giving into hanging out like a couch potato over the holidays... Encourage your family to join you for a walk after the Holiday dinner, or even as a regular family activity. Even if it's cold out and you have to get bundled up, everyone will feel so much better for it. T.V can be fun, but after hours, it can become isolating with no conversation. during a walk, there is room for chatting, catching up, and having some fun in the snow, or 'chilly' sunshine if in Los Angeles! Bring your favorite Zumba music and get every body up for a dance party after you've digested.

    Visiting Family this Winter - No Gym in sight? - Be Prepared!
    When visiting family abroad, we can often blame the lack of a gym for letting our good habits slip. Be prepared by bringing your yoga mat/running shoes or jump rope/resistance band, and do some mini work outs during your stay.Take the stairs as often as you can and walk more- out in the fresh air. If you can't do your usual hour or two at the gym two-three times a week, perform twenty (or more) minutes of mini workouts each day that include getting your metabolism up with some cardio. It can be as simple as jumping around to your favorite song- and working your favorite body parts. Or maybe a yoga session. 

    This Holiday Season stick to the new positive patterns you've been creating, mind and body. Make positive choices that ensure your happiness, mind and body. Practice your favorite exercises, maybe invite your friends and family to exercise with you! 

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    Tuesday May

I am not a certified nutritionist, doctor or therapist. 
Please consult your healthcare professional before participating in any
 lifestyle changes you may feel are questionable to your health. 
I am not responsible for any action you resume, You are- Make it pleasurable.
© Tuesday May Thomas 2013

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