Sunday, October 6, 2013

Dance Dance Dance!

I feel it, and I know you feel it too... your body wants to groove, shake and shimmy! Maybe the only place you have been 'movin it' has been at the gym... shift the tides and try some at-home dancing, or make a date to hit the dancefloor with some pals.

Perhaps your hips want to take it slow and sultry with some home-style bellydancing. Maybe your legs want to jump up and down- or your arms wish to explore break dancing or body poping like a hip hop dancer! Go for it- why not?

You have been taking Zumba, or maybe cardio dance classes ... and you love it- but what you really want to do is turn the lights low and put your favorite tunes on and boogie away! Maybe it's just for five minutes, or maybe you've been thinking about choreographing a routine for fun with your pals. Do it- do it, do it!

Have fun, get into your body and out of your mind- that's right.. sometimes we think too much about how we look, or think too much before acting in fun and spontaneous ways in our bodies out in public, or even in private. How often have you been to a disco or night club, only to sit for the majority of the evening? Did you really want to be out there on the dance floor carefree, happy, and maybe acting a little cray- cray, but did't have the guts to do it? Are you burdened by heavy thoughts of how you might be seen or look while cutting the rug?

Okay, if so- here is your official ticket to let loose. It's as simple as giving yourself permission to try your body out in new and exciting ways. And if you feel confident to cut the rug, then grab some of your pals who may be a little shy and get the gang together for a night out, or a night in with some of your favorite tunes!

My favorite thing to do is light candles, play some mysterious eastern music and pretend I am a Bellydancer. It can be hard to 'let go' at first. I always felt like someone was watching me and that I would be laughed at and sorely judged. But then I realized I am the only one watching me, so I might as well go for it... And if I'm out in public- so what if people are watching anyway? Maybe I will inspire them to get up and groove too!I  have the right to move my body and find freedom from within- and so do you.

Here is a video of my home style Bellydancing.

Truth be told, I have taken very few Bellydance classes over the past ten years- and always at the beginner level.. that said, I have a natural draw to eastern dance that I cannot help- and don't want to. My body simply wants to move in very circular, weaving and winding ways! Though I don't do it often enough, when it strikes me, I try to give it the time to honor the call- even if its just five minutes to shake and shimmy my hips.

If you are in my Bodysculpt class, you know we turn out the lights and bellydance for five minutes as part of our cool down before our yoga stretch routine. It is my favorite time of all... Allowing me to let go and share the beginning steps I have learned with others. A thought occurred that I may even begin to work out a specific routine and choreograph it with my students! This brings me sooo much joy- and that's how I know I'm on the right track. Once I start Bellydancing, I stop thinking about how foolish I might look, or what steps or moves I am messing up - and enjoy it for the sake of dancing, and being in my body in ways that empower me and help me feel the essence of beauty through movement. Warriors know how to dance. They are not afraid to miss a step or fall over, they just go for it. Are you a dance warrior? Only one way to find out...

What is your favorite way to move your beautiful body? If you can't get out and boogie on the dance floor soon, I challenge you to find five minutes this week to dance YOUR dance. Maybe its a slow dance in the kitchen with your beloved. Perhaps it's a twerking-fest to your favorite hip hop song with your girlfriends. Or maybe like me, its a candle light Bellydance to evoke the divine goddess. What ever it is, make it fun, dress up, or down- and simply let the music lead your Beautiful Body into a new wave of liberation. Breathe deep and move freely. Your body is all yours!

Tuesday May

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Please consult your healthcare professional before participating in any
 lifestyle changes you may feel are questionable to your health. 
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