Monday, August 5, 2013

Whatever you do- always tell the truth.

I did not tell the truth on Friday night and it caused deep shifts in the person I love most of all. I wanted to announce how much I love him, but got caught up in projecting that I would be judged by others for sharing my 'truth of love'... So instead, I downplayed my love of you.

Word, I am Word.  
The words we speak, truly create the world we experience. 

In my downplay of words spoken over our love- you were marked, our love was marked- though I did not mean it to be so. My words made it so. You played it cool and stood by me- but the subtle affect of my words came to pass, and our love suffered. I became paralyzed, you - withdrawn...

Until the darkness of night came to pass, and my tears merged with your warm embrace. We found ourselves growing, and at a new pace. I am learning to love and trust as I never have before. 
I am learning how it feels to be loved and trusted. 

Word, I am Word.  
The words we speak, truly create the world we experience.

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