Saturday, August 10, 2013

Fear is exactly where I need to be

I'm with one of my best friends. "Fear is exactly where I need to be." She announces, referring to her recent 'Krav Maga' class. I nod and respond; "I know, right? It's time. I need to start reaching beyond my comfort zone."  Does this sound familiar? Have you hit a point where you are ready to expand, jump into unknown territory and challenge yourself? If so, lets go!

As you heal your life and re-write internal patterns to a more positive octave and strength, your body will want to stretch and breathe deeper. It will naturally seek to attempt more challenging practices. In tandem, your spirit will long to know itself beyond it's spiritual comfort zone. It becomes ready to discover new levels of strength, and strengthening- from within and without. As above, so below. 

It's not always easy- to trust, to have courage and step into the unknown. 

Bakasana - Crow Pose

PlateauA state of little or no change following a period of activity or progress. 

The hardest part of a new workout regime can be sticking to it. When you do, you begin to see results. But- what if after some time your routine leaves you wanting more? A pal recently informed me she has started 'Cross Fit' training because her ongoing gym routine has left her at a 'plateau'; a point of non-change. She was putting in the time, but not seeing further progress towards the target she envisions for herself. Do you feel the same way? By throwing herself into an incredibly hard and intimidating exercise routine- she is stretching beyond her comfort zone. She is finding out who she is beyond what she has known herself to be, up til now.

Personally, I feel a thirst to further my yoga practice by attending a yoga teacher training in the Fall. I found a teacher who is calling me to study. She is a bad-ass and I know she will help me reach places of healing and strength I never knew existed- within and outside myself. Maybe that is why I resisted her at first. I was afraid of her/my power. I have been practicing yoga for twenty years and teaching for over ten. I practice yoga at home, but I rarely go take a class! Without a teacher to 'push' me in my practice, I have hit my own plateau. I'm ready to trust and go deeper now, physically, spiritually and mentally.


Along with yoga, I teach a weekly Bodysculpt class. I feel it is my duty to leave students remembering the class they take on Friday- all weekend long. Every time they go to sit down, they are served a memory of the hard work they performed! With every laugh, their tummy might ache from building core muscle in new ways. I love teaching this class- it kicks my butt so hard! As we speak, my inner thighs and booty are alive and kicking, meaning we worked so many angles and repetitions, that I am now dreaming of an epsom salt bath, which I will take later. Every week we alternate the work we do. The core, triceps, legs and backside all receive a slew of same weekly practices Equally so, we always do something new to shock and push the body a little more. Bruce Lee used to change up his workouts constantly. In this way he kept every part of his body alive and aware. At the drop of a hat, he could move and access every fibre of his being. Remember how ripped he was- How in tune with his body he appeared to be? Every part of him was not only active- but activated.

When I work out- I alternate my flow on different days. For example; I usually start with cardio, move to the machines for leg and butt work, and end with floor work for the abs. One day I get my cardio by spinning. Another by stair master, or treadmill. Instead of doing the same exact workouts on the larger machines every time, I change which machines I use. Or vice-versa, I might work the arms and abs on the machines, and do all my leg and booty work on the floor mat. 

How can you change up or challenge yourself more in your workouts? For example If you usually do 10 sit ups, start doing 20. If you do 50, do 100. Try a variety of abdominal workouts and see how it feels. One day do squats, another day practice lunges. Try your squats/lunges with a resistance tube one day, and without the tube on another day. *Watch your body alignment here; Always keep your knees behind the ankles as you lower and rise with a squat & lunge positions.. When you work the inner thigh, do it in three different ways within the same workout- get all the angles....ohhh yeah! I'll keep showing you what I'm learning, and we will explore more ways to keep loving our beautiful bodies. For now, never let your workout be the same exact sequence every time. Also, challenge yourself to consciously (that means 'to do something on purpose')  think more kind and loving thoughts towards yourself and others.  

Not getting the results you want with everyday 'crunches'?
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Wood Chopper 
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When you truly push yourself physically (& mentally), no matter what the exercise- the thoughts you have about yourself become challenged. The mind hits a wall. It will say 'You are tired' and 'You are too weak. This is scary new territory. Give up.It will tell you to Stop before you start. Don't be hard on yourself. Avoid taking the inner-bully thoughts personally. The inner bully is scared. Your job is to identify limiting 'talk' and flip the script. Re-write the inner speech you give attention to by changing  negative thoughts into positive ones. It is really not hard. It's just weird at first because you were maybe unaware you could create new possibilities in life- via the words and thoughts you share over it.  Be a bad-ass, own the journey you're on. Step aboard & speak positivity, possibility, and power into your life NOW.

Are you ready?
You will know you are ready, because you will be reading this blog post.

In order to grow a new mind, a new body, and a new emotional reality- we have to stretch out of the ones we currently live in. This will possibly require some healing, mourning and a lot of chocolate (for me anyway!). In order to love others and the world a little more, we have to learn to love ourselves more.

Homework: Take some time out. Breathe deeply, and go back in time. Yes, put on your time-travel hat and join me. Go back in time and see what is there to heal, so we may grow and  feel deserving of the beautiful changes we create, and so deeply desire. It's time to forgive- again, heal- again, bless it- again and let go of it- again.

Enjoy a bath, light a candle, breathe deeply, be grateful and relax....

Epsom Salts

I recommend epsom salt baths. If you are really hurting from a hard workout, pour the whole box into a hot bath (otherwise half will do) and soak for ten to fifteen minutes. Longer is fine too- just remember to shower off after you bathe. While 'scientific' evidence regarding it's abilities remains up in the air, I and many others swear by it. What I do know is soaking in an Epsom Salt bath helps to soothe aches and pains in my body and it has helped heal sprains and strains too. There is belief the salts pull toxins from the muscles, relieving us of being sore. Because of the drawing out affect the salts have, by all means- rinse off after you bathe.

Love and Light, Tuesday May 

I am not a certified nutritionist, doctor or therapist. 
Please consult your healthcare professional before participating in any
 lifestyle changes you may feel are questionable to your health. 
I am not responsible for any action you resume.
© Tuesday May Thomas 2013

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