Sunday, March 30, 2014

You are the Source of your Power.

What does Inhabiting a Beautiful Body mean to you? Is it simply about 'looking good' on the outside, or is there a deeper component? To me it means striking a balance between exercising, getting rest, meditating, eating healthily, enjoying red wine and dark chocolate- and feeling happy. I may not do crunches every single day, nor stay away from chocolate regularly, but one thing I do, is practice the exercise of being a Master of my Time and Space. You are invited to take a step into your power <3.

You are the Source of your Personal Power.
Stay true to the path you have chosen. Stay true to the path you have chosen.
You are here for a reason. It's hard not to compare ourselves to others. As we gather courage and momentum, our buds begin to bloom and flower. Our petals may bump into other people's petals as their's unfurl too. It is all too common to compare ourselves to others, and the 'success' of others, especially those we consider to be our peers. But there is no comparison. You are not them. And they are not you.

You are the Source of your Empowerment.
You have something special to share- That only you can. Sure, 'try on' (like a coat) how other's in your field expand in their successes, but don't let it cause you to judge yourself because you are not doing it how they are doing it,... Or how they did it. Nor be you disappointed because you are not further along.You are right where you need to be, right now. Relax. Check in with your heart and be true to your path.

You are Master of your Time and Space.
As a Master, you are aware the influence you have on your environment. Be it the internal landscape of your mind and your emotional highs and lows. This includes all that surrounds you, such as people, places and things. You affect everything around you by how you choose to see it. Period. As a Master of your Time and Space, you are aware of this.

Master of your Time.
You value yourself and your Time. What you place in your surroundings (people, places and things) will always be a part of how you spend your time. Just as we can influence the surroundings with our thoughts and feelings, the 'things' in our environment can affect us too. As a Master of your Time, you know spending time in positive environments- doing things that lift your spirits and empower you, in turn help you feel happy, confident, and centered in your Personal Power.You recognize time-wasters a mile away and offer them a graceful exit if ever you were to run into them.

Master of your Space.
As a Master of your Space, you recognize the importance of keeping your mind, body and spirit clear and clean of limited and negative self-talk or judgements. This goes for the words you speak and think quietly to yourself, and those you share outwardly with the world. This also goes for the thoughts and words we speak or think about or unto others, too. By keeping the garden of the mind clear and clean, you open the way to experience Mastery of your Space. Your mind, body and spirit hold Space in this world. A master of one's space is free of 'the ties' that toxic mental and emotional clutter take up. As a Master of your Time and Space, there is more space for you to be present, and fully inhabit your authentic, beautiful and powerful self.


Being a Master of your Time and Space are concepts
contained within my upcoming book entitled
 Teachings of the Scroll, Tools for Self Mastery. 
Change your Circumstances by Changing your Mind.


I am not a certified nutritionist, doctor or therapist. 
Please consult your healthcare professional before participating in any
 lifestyle changes you may feel are questionable to your health. 
I am not responsible for any action you resume, You are- Make it pleasurable.
© Tuesday May Thomas 2014

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